Wednesday, 4 June 2014

On the Shelf

Amidst the 'to do at some unspecified point in the future when we magically have enough money' projects and crumbly bits of my house is the odd area that doesn't look as if it's due to be condemned.  Much of the living room falls into this category, although it's still far from finished. My favourite part of it is these shelves that we put up a couple of years ago: (Cue #shelfie - that's like a selfie but with shelves, you know).

We had a lot of bare space on the walls, and I had the idea of using shelves as a sort of piece of 'art' (inverted commas very necessary in this instance).  They were a handy place to shove lots of bits and pieces, so I just made sure that they looked 'curated' (more necessary inverted commas) rather than functional.

The shelves themselves were seriously cheap and from B&Q.  I painted them up with a couple of tester pots of pale green paint to match our wallpaper.  Richard helped by cack-handedly drilling the wall at random and swearing a lot before phoning my dad and getting him to put them up instead.  I then piled them high with some of our favourite things.

First up were books - old books.  Lots of these belonged to my mum when she was a teenager and are fabulous 1960s stories of the jolly exploits of schoolgirls.  I devoured them as an 8 year old, which led to me having the vocabulary of Ann from The Famous Five for quite a bit.  Jolly good, what what?  A friend sent me the Naughtiest Girl in the School trilogy when I got my first teaching job as they were (quite accurately) certain, that even at the age of 27, I'd be the naughtiest girl in the school.  The jar contains lots of olive oil and a photo from our shoot with Hannah Millard .  It kind of looks like I've pickled our family, but I like it.  

Over here we have candles made by my mum for our wedding, a frog of indeterminate origin and a balloon powered car made by Rory on a school trip. 

The wine bottle is there because we bloody love wine it says Barrington Estate on the label, and Barrington is a family name.  Then there's  precious photos of Rory when he was younger and still had his baby curls, more candles, an alphabet abacus thingy that he learned his letter sounds on when he was teeny and the old wooden box containing Victorian bric-a-brac that I got at an auction.  On rainy days, Rory and I like to empty it onto the floor and go through the treasures like pirates.

Also on the shelf are various cards that I've saved, Rory's Roary Lion wooden toy given to him by his Godmother, a little decoupage hen house that was my birthday present from Rory this year (because my present from Richie was chickens, you see), a heart garland that Rors and I made together one boring day, a button box, a torch which was a gift from a friend who knows my taste in retro floral prints perfectly and a ceramic heart made by my friend, Sarah.  

I think these shelves sum up my interiors style (which, according to my husband, is 'hipster knobend').  I popped over to the Victoria Plumb website to take their quiz to see what they had me down as so I could prove him wrong.  If you'd like to find out what your style is, go the Victoria Plumb quiz and take the quiz.  Then share your results on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ and leave your details to be in with a chance to win £250 of John Lewis vouchers.  Incidentally, it told me that I was Mrs Quirky Cool.  Which kind of proves Richard right.  Damn it.  Although I'm pretty sure that Zooey Deschanel doesn't have a giant hole in her sofa or awful 90s orange carpet on her stairs.  Mrs Massive Slob wasn't one of the potential outcomes though, so maybe that's it.


  1. Hehe! Now, you do know that #shelfie is being used by IKEA? ;-)

  2. I live in Barrington Road, and have resolved to go to Barrington Court. Check it out. Barrington Road is, pitiably, nothing like it... Maybe I need Barrington Wine, and change of house name. And shelves.

  3. I once tried to create a boho shelfie. My partner called me a Middle Class Twat. I would have preferred hipster knobend or, even, Mrs Quirky Cool x