Monday, 23 June 2014

A revolutionary tip to make your house look less crappy.

I know guys.  I know.  This is not the sort of post you've come to expect from me.  But don't stop reading; it's all going to be OK.  I have simply discovered a superb home makeover tip that is completely free, doesn't involve much effort and has made my living room look remarkably less shit.  That's right: remarkably.  Now what sort of terrible person would I be if I didn't share it with the masses? (That's you lot by the way - I've just turned you into 'the masses'. It sounded better than 'the three people who read my blog').

Now, my living room always looks particularly messy.  That could be something to do with the fact that it is particularly messy most of the time.  Yours might look particularly messy too. (PLEASE say it does).  But there is a way to make it look less messy with a swift bit of organisation and not much actual tidying.  For this, you will need a book shelf.  If you don't have a big shelf full of books, you may be able to apply this to a DVD shelf or similar, but really, what are you thinking not having books in your house?  Books are one of the greatest pleasures there are.  All three of us are book obsessed in this household.  Get some books.  Read them.

Our main bookshelf is crammed three books deep on some of the shelves.  Before the makeover, it looked something like this:

Kind of untidy and chaotic.

Now it looks like this:

Loads better, right?

And all I did was remove all the books and put them back on the shelves in a variety of piles and rows until I was happy with the way they looked.  You need to choose a few with pleasingly designed covers to face the front, and you might want to add a couple of trinkets to give the shelf some more interest, but really, that's all there is to it:  A tiny change with huge impact.  Now even when the rest of the room looks like a heap of of the brown stuff, the bookshelf looks perfect and your eye is drawn to it, away from the mess.  It kind of acts like a well made bed in an otherwise messy bedroom.

Give it a try and show me your Before and After pics - I want to see if it makes such a difference to everyone else's rooms.

Incidentally, do you like my hessian dragonfly cushion?

 I made it a few weeks ago and it was the easiest make ever.  If anyone's interested, I'll stick a tutorial for it on at some point. But never fear - I'm not going to turn into a craft/home style blogger.  It's still business as usual here in Disgrace HQ: yesterday I returned from being away for the weekend at a conference.  Within hours of my return, my son was sobbing because he missed the babysitter and one of the chickens climbed on my head and crapped on me.  So.  Yeah.


  1. You know what, that is a sweet tip Mrs!

  2. I think I have that same bookcase

  3. I also like the dragonfly

  4. It does look fab, but what did you do with the rest of the books? My husband is refusing to let me have more bookshelves - he says I have to reduce the number of books to fit the shelves we have - need to reduce by about 2500 books :( Mine are all in photocopier paper boxes, stashed all over the house.

    1. I didn't get rid of any books - it's the same amount, but reorganised. However, we DO have books all over the place in our house because what we really need is massive amounts of shelving over one huge wall for them all, but shelving isn't in the budget at the moment. We have little stashes on smaller shelves here and there and a few big boxes of books in the loft for the day when this shelving fantasy is finally played out.

  5. Ha ha ha, love it! Who knew that perfection could be just a tidy bookshelf away?! Lovely to meet you at the weekend and I can't believe that I've not come across your blog before! My new 'go to' for all things style and domesticity related ;) x

  6. Great tip, definitely agree that things like that take the eye away from all the crappy plastic toys all over the floor! Love the cushion too!x

  7. What a great tip and I must say your shelves do look great now they are re-arranged. I shall share my book tidying tip. I have arranged my books by colour code, I'll tweet you a pic. Yes to how you made the cushion too please and lots more about chickens on your head. x