Sunday, 25 May 2014

TOP BANANAS! Mumsnet Family Recipe Book Review

I do enjoy a bit of Mumsnet:  So fond of biscuits.  So reassuringly swearly.  So when they asked if I'd like to review their new recipe book, I was only too happy to oblige.

I'd like to say that I read all the handy information at the front of the book, but, um, no.  I'm a glutton and I was hot for food porn, so I delved straight in and started picking recipes to try out.  There's 12 different sections (breakfast, packed lunches, party food, baking etc etc), so lots of choice and plenty of opportunity to try out as many recipes as you like fairly quickly.  Also, every recipe is illustrated with the sort of food photography that gets you rubbing your knees lustfully, which is always handy as then you have something to aim for.  This is essential when you are me as otherwise everything seems to end up as a plate of unidentifiable beige slop.  I was fairly successful in my efforts, so I took photos of some of my creations for your viewing pleasure (also to show off):

Clockwise from top: Fluffy Eggs, Garlic Mushrooms, Potato Latkes, 
Aunt Jura's Home-made Lemonade

Here's a quick rundown of all the recipes that I've tried so far:

Fluffy Eggs - Genius.  Like a savoury meringue.  New favourite way to eat eggs and completely idiot proof.

Garlic Mushrooms - The easiest ever garlic mushroom recipe.  Took just over 5 minutes to make from start to finish and tasted divine.  Pic in the book looked a lot less like dog sick than mine.

Potato Latkes - OK.  Bit of a faff, but tasted nice, if a bit oily.  Although pretty sure that they'd have been less oily if we'd had any kitchen roll to drain them on after frying, only the chickens ran off with it down the garden the other day like bastardy little feathered Andrex puppies, so...

Aunt Jura's Home-made Lemonade - This was the biggest hit in my household, and I suggest you buy the book if only for this recipe.  Aside from the wonderful smug-making properties that making your own lemonade has, it was easy and tastes wonderful.  Husband, son and Granny all wanted second helpings (and thirds).  I can see myself making this a few times over the summer whenever it's hot and sunny and I feel the need to be self-satisfied.

Chocolate Bribe Biscuits - This was my only fail.  My mixture seemed to be far too runny, they ended up looking like rather unhealthy poos and they tasted a bit funny (possibly due to the yoghurt in the recipe).  My dad (lover of anything chocolate) pronounced them to be "better than no chocolate biscuits at all, but that's all."  I agree.  I won't make them again.

Raspberry Jam Chicken - Gorgeous:  Sticky, chickeny heaven.  Really good eaten hot with jacket potatoes and salad, or cold as suggested in the book.  Super easy marinade and sweet enough not to enrage my small child's taste buds.  A must make.  If the chooks crap on my telephone again, this is where they are heading.  Be warned, Margot and Barbara.

There's so much more in the book that I want to try, but I haven't had time yet.  I definitely recommend this book to you all.  It's currently £13.40 on Amazon, and is worth every penny.

Now, Mumsnet.  We need to discuss the recipe book that I should write for you.  It's going to be called The Can't Be Jiggered Cookbook and will feature recipe such as Wotsits on Toast, Melted Cadburys Caramel Bar In a Mug and Fish Finger Pasta.  It's a deal, yes? 

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  1. Loved your review. I do quite like the idea of smugly drinking home-made lemonade, so might have to have a look at this.