Friday, 11 April 2014

Easter Holidays: The half way point

Things I was going to do over the holidays:

1. Go to Legoland with husband and child.
2. Work on child's almost comically bad handwriting until the bugger can get at least 50% of his bloody letters the right way around.
3. Do obligatory easter craft with yellow cotton wool balls (to make baby chicks, you see) and crispy cake easter nests with Mini Eggs in and stuff.
4. Go on nature ramble with child.
5. Lose half a stone.
6. Take advantage of the lighter mornings by going out for lots of runs.

Lets take a look at how things have turned out.  Here's what I've actually done:

1. Went to Legoland with husband and child.  Was great.  Look at the happy little barnacle.

Pig in shit.

Unfortunately, going to Legoland means that we have entered an enforced austerity drive for the rest of the month (AKA Keep Calm and Eat Mince).  Cannot afford to leave house.

2. Rory has not written so much as his name since school ended last week.

3. Nobody sells coloured cotton wool balls any more (who knew?), so easter chicks are out.  Bought bag of Mini Eggs and chocolate for making easter nest crispy cakes.  Ate all of it.  Made no cakes. Rory very interested in crafting Jesus-on-the-cross out of lolly sticks and pipecleaners after very explicit RE lesson at school.  This is not going to happen for him on my watch.

4. Child entirely uninterested in going on a nature ramble, as am I if I'm totally honest.

5. Have gained half a stone due to inability to exercise because of The Shoulder Injury That Refuses To Heal, and also because of the austerity measures, which mean that we are eating our way through every carb heavy piece of junk food left in the cupboards and freezer.  Now is not the time to start low carbing.  Have you seen the price of meat recently?  Also, keep eating Mini Eggs and chocolate (see above).

6. Have taken advantage of the lighter mornings by waking up at stupid o'clock because of the deafening dawn chorus outside my window.  Have not been for runs (see above - shoulder of doom).  Have had little naps in the afternoon due to husband being off work.  Productive.

To sum up: Rory watching lots of telly while I sit around feeling like an ever more dumpy haus frau.

So.  That's going well then.  What have you been up to?


  1. Easter only started today. Made cards for the Nannans. Eli wrote Nani and Mommar for first time but couldn't manage Grandad. No biggie. Went to a funeral. :-(

  2. I also have majestically created or acheived nothing on my list. And have also been out looking for coloured cotton wool balls, which I cannot find anywhere, but I can't remember why I was looking for them as horrid fever/ panic/ whatthehellisthisbacterialorviral hideousness has overtaken me. So, not bought eggs, fashioned recently found third imperial faberge egg from cardboard (hugely overdue and missed ptfa competition only to be relegated to holiday activity), or made cakes, or made cards, or or tidied and disinfected many, oh so many things (made extra complicated by one of your previous posts). on the plus side, a room that was literally covered in poo, is now clean after three days. Yes, it was a three parter... there's only so much time you can spend in a poo room in the easter holidays.

  3. It's Easter? My darling year old daughter who had previously slept through from 10 weeks old (yes, I was incredibly smug!) has not let me have more than two hours continuous sleep since Christmas. All we've managed is walks in the park, she is however scared of the grass. Which will make the planned picnic at the weekend interesting...