Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Conversations on Music Appreciation with a Small Child #1

"Can we have Smells Like Teenagers on, please?"
"Do you mean Smells Like Teen Spirit?"
"I do."
"Sure we can, sweetheart."
"Daddy says Piranhas are dead."
"Well my love, most of NIRVANA are still alive, but yes, their lead singer died."
"Why did he die?  Was he very old?"
"Well, no."
"Why then?"
"He had something wrong with his brain that made him feel very unhappy all the time and he was so unhappy that he wanted to die."
"Probably because he really wished he was the drummer."
"I think that was probably it."


  1. This all sounds oddly familiar!

  2. wonderful. I look forward to these conversations as my boy gets older
    thanks for sharing :)