Monday, 31 March 2014

Solid Chocolate Company Review (TL;'s chocolate that's solid. What's not to like?)

Fashion bloggers get sent clothes to review.  Beauty bloggers get endless samples of the latest cosmetics to try and write about.  I don't give a crap about fashion and beauty, and my reward for this is free chocolate.  Who's winning here? (clue: it's me).

One of my reader's husbands has recently set up the Solid Chocolate Company; a company which sells solid chocolate eggs.  Remember when you were little and you'd wish that Easter eggs were solid chocolate all the way through (just me?).  This is your dream come true.  They're made of the finest Belgian chocolate and come in milk, dark and white varieties.  Each enormous egg is divided into 42 bite sized chunks, so you don't have to hold it on one hand and gnaw at it like a savage.

I was sent the milk chocolate one to try.  This coincided with my diet ending abruptly.  There was simply no other way.

Here's a picture:


There's not really much I can say about that, is there?  The chocolate was really good chocolate.  Seriously, chocolate lovers, this is the stuff you want.  It came nicely packaged but without too much waste.  It laughed in the face of conventional, hollow Easter eggs.  It lasted about five three days.  My only criticism is that although the pieces are supposed to be bite sized, some of them were huge and barely fitted in my mouth - and I've got a big mouth. I bravely soldiered on though.  It was true love - what else could I do?

Here's what it looked like before it was opened, if anyone is interested:

I strongly recommend that you buy one for the chocaholic in your life this Easter.  They cost £19.99 each and are available here:

You may also like to have a look at their Facebook page.  Just because.


  1. Egg looks divine but I don't like the packaging, it looks cheap for something that's luxurious!

  2. it's a buy. i'm sure I could fit one of those chunks into my mouth, but the knawing would have been more dream fulfillingly preferable...

    1. try, indeed: gnaw.

  3. Oh my god! I need one now! Childhood fantasy come true!