Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Years Resolutions.

1. I will stop rewarding every paragraph I write with cheese. This is reducing me to some sort of literary performing rodent.  The fact that I'm about to go and get a chunk of Brie the minute I finish writing this is irrelevant, because everybody knows that you don't start resolutions until 2nd January, OK?

2. That manky bit by the fridge door; the bit where the milk spills every time I knock the fridge and I always forget to wipe it up and it's formed a minging yellow crust of the sort that you would usually only find in a disgusting student bedsit.  I'm going to clean that.

3. I'm also going to clean the oven.  Sigh.  At some point anyway.  Maybe not just yet.  Perhaps in April - that seems a good sort of oven cleaning month.  Or I could pay someone to do it.  Anyway, at some point in 2014, the oven will be cleaned.

4. I will get into some sort of hair dying routine instead of only remembering to do it when I've got grey roots so bad that I look like this:

5. You know that stone that I lose every year and gain back by June?  I'm going to lose that again.

6. I will read more.  I have actually set up a little reading group on Facebook comprised of me and a few old friends, so this is going to happen

7. I will stop punishing my house for not being the farmhouse of my dreams and give it a makeover.  A new bathroom is being installed at the end of January, and I have *a creative vision* for the study. OK, I might need to stop taking my ADs for a few days to induce the manic state required to actually do it, but we'll not worry about that for a bit.

8.  I will be all zen about vomit.

9. I will stop using Rory's Playdoh to pick up the crud on the kitchen floor.

10. I am not going to throw any more slugs over John-From-Nextdoor's fence.

That should do me for now.  Happy 2014, everyone.


  1. Great set of resolutions. Mine are inverse: I'm going to follow some bastardised version of the Atkins Diet, which involves only eating cheese, forever. Yum.

    1. Cheese is always the answer. Good resolution.

  2. I also have plans to clean oven. This will no doubt result in me getting "the oven man" in to clean it when it's long overdue, then apologising about the state of the oven (i.e. my oven laziness) whilst he hooks out things that may have once been Alphabites.

    I'm impressed with your use of Playdoh by the way - this has never occurred to me. It would also do the dog some favours, who seems to be getting porky due to her extra-curricular diet of peas, toast crusts, cheerios and cold fish fishfinger bits.


    P.S. It's slightly worrying that my autocorrect wants to change Playdoh to Playboy. This is an entirely different thing.

  3. #3, I am going to attempt oven cleaning tomorrow... Not looking forward to that, just browsing now looking for tips... Do you have any for me?

    1. Tip 1. See post by Sally Gill re oven cleaning man.
      Tip 2. Emulate...