Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Hampergifts Review (Working Title: Hurrah! Now we can eat!)

You might imagine that there's not much better than being sent a massive hamper stuffed full of chocolate, wine and baked goods to test and review.  You're wrong.  The one thing better than that is being sent a hamper stuffed with chocolate, wine and baked goods to test and review 2 days before pay day when you've run out of money and are down to the tin with no label in the cupboard that nobody dares open, some stale bread, half an onion and a bit of crusty cheese.

Picture the joy as the delivery man arrives and the shriek goes up: "WE CAN EAT!  WE CAN EAT! AND IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE CHEESE ON TOAST AGAIN."

Oh yes my friends, we could eat:

And there were three bottles of wine under all that food that you can't even see in the picture.  Our end of the month blues were clearing up in record time.

We were sent the Christmas Sparkle Hamper from www.hampergifts.co.uk who sell a huge range of beautiful looking hampers for all budgets.

Here's a much better picture of it than the one I snapped in the 3 seconds before my growling stomach took over and stuffed the entire contents into my mouth:

Within seconds we were feasting like kings, stacking up preserved fruits on biscuits and sandwiching them between mince pies and using chocolate mint thins as kebab sticks.  Everything got a bit of chutney of a chunk of fudge on top and the jam tarted up our stale toast no end.  All in all, it was like some bizarre modern day re-working of an Enid Blyton midnight feast.  When Rory went to bed, stuffed full of delectable little olive bread sesame nibble things, we cracked open the wine and put our feet up, thanking the God of Hampers for our gluttonous pre-payday treat.

You'll be pleased to know that some of the contents of the hamper have survived well into December and are still going strong.  Everything was delicious, and the basket is really nice quality and is going to make an excellent home for all the crap lying about the house decorative piece.  Everything was really well packaged too.  A hearty recommendation for this company for all your hamper needs from the Disgrace family this Christmas.

I was sent a hamper free of charge for the purpose of this review.  I was not paid and all opinions are my own.

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