Monday, 4 November 2013

Crocs Winter Boots Review

Items of clothing that I was not allowed in the 80s:

1. Neon socks.
2. Neon hairbands
3. Anything else that was neon.
4. A puffball skirt.
5. A body warmer.
6. Moon boots.

Everyone else was allowed everything on that list.  Everyone.  Not me though.,  My mum said that they were neither classic nor chic and that they wouldn't suit me.  I'm not sure why that mattered because as a child I couldn't be described as chic in the slightest, but for reasons only known to my mother, I was dressed instead in neat pinafores, Laura Ashley dresses, red wellies and cream tights.  Not cool.

When I was sent this paid of Crocs Crocband Multi 11.5 Winter Boots to review, my fashion deprived inner child was full of the sort of inappropriate glee that you get from defying your parents.  Because, look - they're more or less styled on moon boots!  A definite mind trip back to the 80s.

On taking them out for a jaunt around the local countryside, I discovered that like moon boots, they're very warm because of all the padding, and they're waterproof and although I couldn't locate any ice or snow in this weather, I could tell that the soles are grippy enough to be perfect for those sorts of conditions.  What makes them different is that the shoe part of the boots are made from Croslite™, which is the closed cell resin material that Crocs are made from.  This is a lightweight, non-marking and odour resistant material and very comfortable.

All great, right?  Just one problem:  I had nothing to wear them with.  Well, I had skinny jeans, which tuck into them perfectly, but otherwise I was at a loss.  It seems that my mother's obsession with buying 'classics' has infiltrated my life, and I find myself with a wardrobe full of velvet, fake fur and smart wool.  The jeans are about as casual as I get.  I ended up having to steal a stripy top from my husband's wardrobe for the purpose of the photo (below), but what I feel they really need is a sportier style and maybe a Back To The Future style body warmer.  Or gilet.  I think they're called gilets these days.  I wouldn't know: they're on the list of contraband clothing of my childhood.  Anyway, my friend Jo tried them on and they looked really good on her.  I'm not convinced that I quite pull them off.  Maybe my mum was right after all.

If you're somewhat cooler than me (not a great challenge), have a wardrobe full of pretentiously named body warmers and want to buy some of these retro babies, they're available now at £69.99 on the Crocs website.

I was sent this pair of boots to test free of charge.  All opinions are my own.  


  1. I also liked that boot....they are really cute, cool, simple, childish without any Heels and Wedges .. i appreciate your opinion...they also look really comfortable !!!

  2. That shoes really look cool & comfortable that high heel shoes ...great choice !!

  3. looks cozy & comfortable without the women wedges ..;)

  4. I love these boots. Actually, I am going in hills for a summer trip and looking for stylish winter Tory Burch boots for trip. Any recommendation for me?