Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Stay At Home Mums need workplace injury lawyers too.

I've been thinking about this, and it's not very fair.  You see the adverts on TV all the time: you have an accident in the workplace and you can make a claim for compensation.  Slip on the newly mopped floor in the office - got it covered.  Fall off a ladder in the warehouse?  No problem.  Gardeners UK-wide are free to stand on garden forks and get smacked in the face. Basically, any sort of work accident is fair game for a no win no fee specialist, and that's brilliant.

But what about stay at home mums?  Where's our injury compensation?

You're wondering exactly how looking after a child all day can be a hazard aren't you?  Good job I kept a list of my injuries sustained in the line of duty of the past four years then, isn't it?

Type of injury
How it occurred

Broken toe

Whilst trying to entertain my 9 month old son by doing the shaky tea towel dance from Big Cook Little Cook, I accidentally kicked the table.
Unable to walk properly for well over a week.  Marriage damaged irreparably due to husband laughing hysterically at my misfortune.

Wounded sole of foot

Running across a minefield of Lego bricks to answer the phone. (Turned out to be a fascia board salesman).
Agony.  Irrevocable damage to relationship with fascia board company due to all the swearing. (No bad thing).

Large bruise on forehead, possible hairline fracture

Walking into a wall at 2am due to severe sleep deprivation.
Nothing.  When you’ve survived on 2 hours sleep per night for 5 months, what’s a little concussion thrown into the mix?

Sprained wrist
Slipping on a blob of baby sick.  I say ‘blob’, I mean ‘reservoir’.

Unfortunately, I could still hold the baby with my other arm, which meant that I couldn’t get Richard to take some time off work to let it recover.

Groin strain
Trying to impress fit dad at playgroup by demonstrating how I can do the splits. Turns out I can’t do the splits any more, possibly due to episiotomy scar.

Walked like cowboy for a couple of days, self respect AWOL ever since.

And that's just my injuries.  A friend of mine actually broke her bum going down a bumpy slide at soft play.  It's a hazardous business caring for children.    Surely we deserve some compensation?  Or more wine.  One or the other.


  1. hahaha! You're right looking after kids is dangerous....lol

  2. Crikey that's a big list. My kids are 10, 13 & 15 so I've forgotten a lot of my accidents. Although I do remember the night I marched down hallway to crying baby, mashed little toe into chrome leg of chair. Soothed babe, while thinking that digit must be broken. Marched back to bed, fainting at top of stairs. Woke seeing stars, thought I might vom (didn't). Toe purple in morning.

  3. Workplace injuries are inevitable. It doesn't matter how much precaution we take, accidents do happen.