Monday, 26 August 2013

Walkers Mighty Lights Review

A box arrived the other day stuffed with 3 Multipacks of crisps for me to review.  It doesn't really get any better than that, does it?  No, don't curb your jealousy; getting free crisps through the post is my only chance to ever get to make my life appear aspirational and I'm going to milk it.

Obviously my first thought was to attempt to hide them all so I could stuff my face on my own give them a thorough taste test in private, but at the first telltale rustle as I removed them from their box, Rich and Rory were all over me like psychic locusts.


Anyway, details:  Walkers Mighty Lights are crinkle cut crisps in three flavours (ready salted, cheese and onion, roast chicken) which have 30% less fat than regular crisps.  They contain no MSG and are suitable for vegetarians.

You will note that the above photo only depicts the ready salted and cheese and onion flavours.  Um, that's because we ate all the chicken ones within about 5 minutes of their arrival.  Yes.  When did Roast Chicken get to be a popular crisp flavour, incidentally?  Why no salt and vinegar, Walkers? Hmmm?    Or...what are those ones in the pink packets? Prawn Cocktail or whatever? They'd be better than chicken, surely?  Anyway, we ate all the chicken ones so they can't have been that bad.  In fact, they tasted just about the same as any full fat chicken crisps, so can't complain.  We found the same with the other flavours - less fat didn't equal less flavour, and they didn't have a weird chemical smell of taste diety, so we were pleased with that.  I also really liked the texture; quite light and very crunchy.  I liked the Ready Salted ones best, but Rich and Rory showed no preference, simply shoveling handfuls of crisps into their gobs with no discrimination.

Basically, I haven't got much to say about Mighty Lights, but that's a positive thing because it means that Walkers have succeeded in making crisps with 30% less fat than standard that taste like...well, normal crisps.

If anyone's interested, I've had a look at the back of the packet and each pack contains 114 calories and 4.7g of fat, only 0.5g of which is saturates.  The ingredients list is pleasingly short, too.

The question I've been asked to answer in this review is whether I'd be happy to put Mighty Lights in my child's packed lunch box.  I think yes, I would.  But not regularly, and I'd probably still do what I usually do and only put half a pack in, because even though they have 30% less fat, what 4 year old regularly needs a whole packet of crisps to themselves as part of their lunch?  They're only small. (4 year olds, I mean, not the crisps.  The crisps are normal crisp sized) However tasty crisps are, they're still empty calories, and I'd prefer him to fill up on wholemeal sandwiches, fruit and yoghurt.  I do feel better about it knowing that they have less fat content though.

I would then, of course, leg it home and eat the rest of the packet myself because I have no self control.  I have issues.

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