Friday, 19 July 2013

Swagbucks: How Insomnia Could Conquer Poverty*

*Mild exaggeration.

Who else is skint?  Really skint?  Since I took a break from my teaching career 4 years ago to look after Rory, we have found ourselves in the unenviable situation of  having...well, no disposable income at all, really.  It's like being a student again but without the summer job and not ever being able to go out.  Actually, now I look back on it, I was rolling in it back then compared to now.

How does this happen?  My husband earns a good salary.  I work a bit.  We're in our mid 30s and everything should be rosy.

Everything is not rosy.  Due to getting on the property ladder at an unfortunate time, a debt from my husband's distant past (still bitter that his ex got to go on loads of good holidays etc with him while he was racking up said debt, but we haven't been able to afford a holiday for 5 years.  Where is the justice?) and him earning the exact amount that ensures that we pay vast amounts of tax whilst not qualifying for any form of tax credit or other financial help, we are financially screwed.  Please someone else tell me that you too spend the last half of every month poking around down the back of the sofa for pennies?

"What's for tea?"
"Well, there's a couple of tins of tomatoes in the cupboard and an onion that I can probably scrape the mould off, oooh, wait though, I found a squashed packet of Mini Cheddars in my bag the other day. That's almost like canapes. And I think I've got a coupon for a free experimental cereal bar somewhere, so..."

In this scenario, any extra pennies help, and that's why I've been trialling Swagbucks; a website that allows you to earn virtual currency for using their search engine, purchasing things you were going to get anyway and going through their shop referral page, watching short video clips, and completing surveys and tasks.  When you reach a certain amount of Swagbucks, you can exchange them for Paypal or gift cards.
At first, I wasn't too sure.  The main problem for us is that we can't afford to buy anything anyway, so the online shop referral scheme is useless to us, although I can imagine that it would be useful for most people.  But I've been using the search engine regularly, and that can add up.  I didn't think I could be bothered sitting and watching videos and doing surveys to earn money though - seriously, who has time in the day to do that?  But then I realized that I could make my insomnia work for me.  Pay attention here, those of you who regularly can't sleep or who have babies who are up awake all night: Instead of lying there and being taunted by your brain, which has seen fit to list every bad or humiliating thing you did ever just to torture you/watching Bullseye at 3am, you can potter about on Swagbucks and earn money for your sleeplessness.  Once I'd worked this out, I was well on my way.

Who else wants to earn cash for buying things they were going to buy anyway and filling dead time?  You all do.  

Good job I've got a referral link for you all then:

I earn Swagbucks for every person I refer to the site via this blog who then signs up, so you could help to keep the Disgrace family in squashed Mini Cheddars and tins of tomatoes for another month, plus you'll be entered in a monthly sweepstake to win a £50 gift card.

Go.  Sign up.  Make your lack of sleep pay.  Then come back and tell me how you got on.


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  2. I'm already a Swagbucks member, and I'm laughing at how apt this post is, because that's how I landed here - a Swagbucks search 'cause I'm up late at night!

    Do you know about There's a dutiful team of Swagbuck fanatics that scour the Swagbuck blogs/twitter feed for those random codes of the day and they post them for Canada/US/UK.

    It's not going to make a non-American stinking rich *tries not to be bitter about the 50SB/day mobile app for US citizens* but! I agree it's worth it for a bit of cash in the pocket. :) You get up to 10 points for playing the games too if you didn't know that.

    I hope you earn many referrals!