Wednesday, 10 October 2012

"I SEE DEAD PEOPLE" Join in with my creepy Halloween linky

I'd just put Rory to bed the other night when he called me into his room to ask me a question.  This is an irritatingly normal occurrence and the question is usually along the lines of "why do flies exist?" or "why can't I wee out of my eye holes?"  This time, however, the question was "is that lady downstairs going to come and say goodnight to me?"


"Umm, what lady, Rory?"

"You know - that lady who's downstairs. By the fireplace. She's called Felicia."


"What's she doing downstairs?"

"I'm not sure. I think she was looking for something."


Needless to say, there was no lady downstairs and Felicia is not a name that my son is familiar with.  He was, however, absolutely insistent that she had been downstairs just before bedtime.  I mean, he does come out with some absolute bollocks sometimes, but I can always tell really easily when he's making things up, so I've come to the conclusion that either some ghostly type called Felicia was poking around by my fireplace, or Rory really and truly thought that he'd seen what he told me.  

I can't decide which.  My house isn't the slightest bit scary or uncomfortable.  But odd things do happen - things disappear and reappear in odd places etc.  However, I can clearly remember regularly hallucinating a racing track complete with cars whizzing around it in our living room when I was 2 or 3 years old and being too scared to get off the sofa because I could see that the cars would run me over.  who knows what goes on in the minds of little children?  Maybe they really can see spirits.  Maybe they just have such vivid imaginations that they can't control them or tell the difference between fantasy and reality.  

In any case, it's made me think differently about something that happened a few nights before the Felicia incident:  Rory was tossing and turning all night with a cold and making such a racket shuffling about that I couldn't sleep.  Richard had fallen asleep on the sofa downstairs in front of the television. I was finally drifting off to sleep at about 3am when Rory called out for me.  I woke up and decided that I was so tired I wasn't going to get up for him unless he called me again.  When he called for the second time, I shifted to get out of bed, when I heard Richard coming up the stairs.  I heard Rory saying that he wanted me and being told that it was too early to get up and he had to go to sleep, then Richard going back downstairs again.  I mentioned it in the morning, but Rich was adamant that he'd never left the sofa all night.  Gulp.  Was it Felicia or one of her mates?  Was my husband just sleep walking?  We will never know.

I think I'm too much of a hardened cynic to really believe in ghosts, but I love a good ghost story all the same.  So as this has neatly coincided with the run up to Halloween, I thought I'd run a Linky/Meme/whatever it's called for you to link up with your true creepy stories.  It could be your child having a Paranormal Activity moment a la Rory, or something from your childhood - or anything really.  Just add the link to your post below and make sure you include the link to this blog post in your post so everyone knows where to go to read some more scary tales:

Happy haunting!


  1. Oh, my small child has an invisible friend she refers to as Samina, her ghost sister. When you argue with her about certain things being a certain way, she'll cheerily tell you that things are 'different in Ghostworld.' Samina lives in a workshop on the bathroom ceiling, btw.

    1. Was it your child who once saw a ghost in a shop or have I made that up?

  2. My old boss's mother-in-law died suddenly, and they were discussing how or if to broach it with their daughter (who I think was just about four years old), and whether or not they should take her to the funeral etc etc.

    They could hear her talking to herself in bed and Adrian went upstairs to quiet her and tuck her back in. He got to her door and could hear her having a perfectly jovial one-sided conversation. He went into her bedroom and asked her who she was talking to. "The stone lady in the corner with her hands over her face." WHATTTTTT?!

    He never mentioned it to his wife as he didn't want to upset her but he said he was COMPLETELY freaked out and really just wanted to run out of Sophie's bedroom and never look back. Creepy.

  3. I've added a blog post of my own spooky tales...

    Turns out the footsteps were next door's cat. :/

  4. Felicia is such a nice name. IConsider yourself fortunate to be having visitations from the right class of poltergeist.

    I once caught my son chatting to a Darren about Zoo magazine and football. Though I could see no one there was an overpowering whiff of Brut 33 and engine grease emanating mysteriously from one corner of his bedroom. It was absolutely dreadful. We had to get an exorcist in!

  5. OK, that's bloody TERRIFIED me! My husband regularly forgets getting up in the night for the toddler but I *know* he has because I hear him. Now I'm wondering if that's the case as we live in a 500 year old cottage that regularly freaks me out, just by being that old. Gulp.

  6. Oh our family has a history of that kind of thing. My cousin who aged four lived in what was once a stable block (old farmhouse redone) complains the horse in his room was stomping keeping him awake. I aged around thirteen had regular conversations in the night with a young man Jake, so when Rowan padded downstairs to tell me the little boys in her room wouldn't be quiet my response was to go up there and scold air. Which apparently shut them up.

  7. Wah! I'm sat here in my room in the dark waiting for #3 to fall asleep & i'm now too scared to turn around. ShiiiiiiiT - and i just heard a rustle..... Aggggh.
    I believe you see, so now i'm just going to sit here all night now!!

  8. It would seem that a lot of children see things in the corner of the room - I've added my link!
    I'm a bit of a believer in spirits so although I try to talk myself into a realistic sense of over-active imaginations it still gives me a shiver!! xx

  9. I have just written about the recent goings on in our house and have added my link!