Sunday, 7 October 2012

'Baking' for slackers: Chocolate Ginger Rocky Road

Slack people should be able to bake too, even if they only have one square metre of kitchen worktop left that isn't covered in precarious piles of washing up.  We may be slummy, but we can make something yummy (this is a handy motivational chant that you can use for the duration of the following exercise in slothful baking).

So, today we will be making Chocolate Ginger Rocky Road.  The main reason for this is that Rocky Road is perfect for the sluggish.  You don't even have to turn the oven on and it mainly involves bashing stuff up and stirring it together.  Can we mix it?  Yes we can.  The ginger element has been added because I will do absolutely anything for any item of food that involves the combination of dark chocolate and ginger.  You may think I'm exaggerating there, but I'm not.  Seriously.  I'll do owt.

We are also going to be using as many Fairtrade ingredients as I could lay my hands on to support the Big Fair Bake (see bottom of post) and because sometimes slackers care.

You Will Need:
* A nice big bar of Fairtrade dark chocolate with ginger.  Green & Blacks do a nice one.
* Some Gingernut biscuits. About 12.
*A handful of Fairtrade apricots
* Some marshmallows. However many are left at the bottom of the bag after you've shovelled them into your mouth in a sugar frenzy.
* Golden syrup: some.
* Butter: Some. I'm not very specific am I? Errr, a  tablespoon maybe?

* You're going to want to break up the Gingernuts into smallish pieces.  Slacker tip: Put in a freezer bag and throw on the floor a few times, then get toddler to stamp all over it.  With a bit of luck it won't burst.

* Now cut up your marshmallows and apricots with scissors.

Here's a photo.  I would have liked it to be a pretty food blogger style photo, but lets be honest; our camera is held together with parcel tape and I had a 3 year old giving me a wedgie when I took it:

* Now it's time to melt the chocolate. I imagine you're supposed to use some sort of bain marie arrangement here, but sod that - we're idle and we're going to put it in the microwave.

* Now stir all the biscuit and apricot and marshmallow pieces into the melted chocolate until it's all coated.

Time for another sub-standard photo:

* Dollop the mixture into cake cases and put in the fridge.  Photo sideways for unknown reason. Pfff.

Sprinkle with icing sugar when fully set if you're feeling keen.

And there you have it: A tray full of delicious, Fairtrade friendly, home made treats (and they really are delicious) - minimal effort required.  It is now time to sit on the sofa stuffing your face while you read Take a Break.  


  1. Love Rocky road and they taste so great no-one needs to know you can be slack and make them ;-) Never tried them with ginger nuts thinking that a slack but clever cooking moment is coming my way x

  2. Yummy! I am a big fan of the no-baking super-quick treat. My favourite slack baking thing is the chocolate crispy cake. I make them with dark chocolate and bits of crystallised ginger 'for grown ups'. Heh.


  3. Mmmm, I love this sort of cake, love the idea of using ginger nuts!

  4. Tried this out. I'm a ginger and dark chocolate fan too. Was really delicious, but mainly consisted of "Ok Leo, you can crush the biscuits. No crush them. Not chew them. No they won't crush better on the floor. Oh, yes they will. Shall we put them in a bag so the dog isn't eating them? No don't eat them off the floor...fine"
    I have now hidden them in the hope of eating more than two before they disappear...

  5. Oooh this looks like something that even I could manage...maybe..thanks for sharing!

  6. Fab recipe and one I'll be giving a go. I'm a big fan of anything with um, sugar, basically.

  7. I love recipes for slackers, well done, i will be making this. Thanks for your comment on my blog,glad you found me,as now I have found you x