Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Dirty Night In

Conversation between my husband and I the other day:

Me: "My mum's having Rory overnight on Wednesday."

Rich: "GET IN!  Child free night." *does little dance of joy*

Me: "I know. It's been ages since we had one of those."

Rich: "Tell me about it."

Me: " know what that means?"

Rich: "Not....?"

Me: "Yes."

Rich: "God.  I'm going to be knackered on Thursday."

Me: "But it's OK, because you've got Thursday off work.  We can go at it all night if you want."

Rich:  "All night?"

Me: "All. Night."

Rich: *happy silence*

Me: "You know, if we're doing that we might as well make a night of it.  I'll get a bottle know...if you wanted to we could..."

Rich:: "You mean...?"

Me:  "I do."

Rich: "You filthy bitch."

Me: "Oh yeah."

Rich: "Are you sure though? Last time we did that you said you didn't think you could take it again."

Me: "I think I've changed my mind."

Rich: "Bring it on."

So, it's a date then.  You will be overjoyed to hear that tonight (for as long as we can stay awake) and possibly much of tomorrow morning, my husband and I will be re-grouting the bathroom tiles, and - if we're feeling kinky - replacing the bath sealant too. Steady now.


  1. Hahahahahahahahahaha!

  2. Dan and I have been known to take Alex to nursery and take the day off work to assemble Ikea furniture. Self-assembly fnar fnar fnaarrr.

  3. I think you need to write a blog documenting your experiences of the evening called Sixty Shades of Grout ...

  4. lol! The joys of a child free evening....


  5. Brilliant! Last time we had a child-free evening we did much the same. Oh the glamour of parenthood.