Saturday, 4 August 2012

A Year of Disgrace

It's been a full year since I started to share my woeful attempts at housekeeping and motherhood with you.  Here is where I should write a rousing, inspiring sort of post about how far I've come and all the wonderful changes I've made and resolutions I've kept.

But sadly, I think my thoughts on this subject are best summed up by the fact that, on opening our under stairs cupboard this morning, I was greeted by a big fuck off spider sitting defiantly on top of the pile of conkers that I was promised would repel arachnids.  It was looking at me in the sort of way that suggested that this was only the start of things to come, minion of Satan that it was.

That's  pretty much been the theme this year: I have tried very hard (well, OK, I have tried a little bit) and been thwarted at nearly every turn.  My house still looks like a class of delinquent nursery school children have been force fed an overdose E numbers and allowed to rampage through it with a giant tub of PVA glue and the contents of a vacuum cleaner, and Rory is still...well...Rory.

On the up side, I now own eight tea towels, so there's that.

And Rory is definitely maturing.  I couldn't find my phone yesterday, which used to be a real cause for panic (several months ago, he stole it and hid it between the cheeks of his bum).  This time it merely turned out to have been put in the taramasalata.  Awesome.

Happy anniversary to me.


  1. Happy anniversary! I absolutely love your blog and so does my husband. We greet every new post with enthusiasm and can't wait for the ones to come! So please do keep going!
    Your blog makes us feel that what we experience with two little boys is after all quite "normal". Haha. But seriously we love your sense of humour and your style!

  2. Happy Disgraceful Anniversary my awesome online friend. You rock like......c...... socks xxx

  3. Ah..happy anniversary. Don't know what made me laugh more, the image of your son hiding your phone between his bum cheeks or the sight of it in the tarmasalata (or maybe it will soon be tarantsalata?)

  4. Has it really only been a year? Keep up the good work, I love hearing about Rory's antics. Are we going to get a "wee" update after Rory's comment yesterday?

  5. Happy blogversary!! Loving the phone dip.. nice! It is an improvement on butt cheeks. xxx

  6. Love that your little man once hid your phone between his bum cheeks. Pure class! Your post made me lol. Defo be reading more of your posts. X