Thursday, 28 June 2012

Things to do with your child number 12,386 - CORNFLOUR & WATER

So this was supposed to be a nice little 'How To' about making gloop with cornflour and water and food colouring and the awe and wonder experienced by your child when they feel it turn from a solid to a liquid and back again, and blah blah blah.

However, it is being cut short because after 5 minutes of playing with the cornflour and water mixture I went to get some kitchen roll to wipe up any spills that may occur, and while I was in the kitchen, Rory took his trousers and pants off and dipped his willy in it.

Of course he did.  What else would he do?

Just off to chisel dried on gloop off his balls. BRB.


  1. Oh Lise, I hope you haven't had too much of a tough time. I can't help but laugh at this though.

  2. Oh god, I remember having to scrub that off my walls. Fascinating, funny, and very messy.
    Like most children I suppose!

  3. Ugh. Although very funny. Makes me almost relieved I have a toddler of the pink variety.

  4. Ha! Brilliant - I was about to make some comment about how having girls, that would never happen to me but some terrible thought stopped me!

  5. WAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAA! hang on..............


  6. My son enjoys coating himself from head to foot in yoghurt and then applying straws, sticking them to himself with the yoghurt. He then bounces into the living room, hooting, with an erection. My wife says I am like this too.

    1. I have been laughing so much at this since I got up this morning that I think I might actually be broken.

  7. Hahahaha! My sons Willy obsession is getting worse, he spent most of the day with his hand down his pants the other day, which I mostly ignored until eventually I asked him to leave it alone, at which point he replied that he was "trying to make it go down" because it had "gone all funny!"