Wednesday, 2 May 2012

How to Remove Stains

Here I am again, back with more domestic tips.  I know you can't wait and this one will revolutionise your life.

Way back when we had money, time and no child running amok, we moved into our current house.  The first room we decorated completely was our bedroom.  This was mainly because it was painted bright orange and the ceiling was falling in.  I have a before photo, but it would traumatise you, so I won't show it.  Anyway, this is what we did to it:

Obviously that photo was taken just after it was decorated.  These days it looks like a toddler has bounced up and down repeatedly on the bed whilst holding a full carton of Um Bongo*.

Take particular notice of the very expensive purple bedspread, chosen by my husband (who has quite girly taste for a man, it must be said).  Within 3 weeks of the arrival of Rory, it was covered in the sort of stains that only a baby can create.  Sort of Sudocrem mixed with regurgitated milk.  "We'll have to get this dry cleaned at some point," we said.  "But no point in getting it done until he's out of the young baby phase."

More icky stains joined the first ones.  Occasionally I've looked at it and thought about getting it cleaned, but, quite frankly, I have found it rather hard to care.

Cut to this morning when I had a brief fit of conscience and decided to finally take that big purple satin bastard to the dry cleaners.  I went up to the bedroom to stuff it all in a plastic bag if by magic, the stains have all gone.  I don't quite know the science behind this - perhaps they have turned into dust with age and brushed off.  Whatever happened, the moral of this story is that if you ignore something that needs cleaning for over two and a half years, it will eventually go away.  What a result.  Hope it works on the bit of wall he decorated with eye liner when he was 14 months old.

*Yeah.  That happened.


  1. Yep, I wholeheartedly agree with this theory, it's scientific fact actually xxxx

  2. oh do you mean that if I hadn't changed the carpet where my 3yr old tried to apply nail varnish to is toes... now it would be clean? damn.