Monday, 2 April 2012

Come back Annabel Karmel, all is forgiven.

For these reasons:

1. Rory from the sofa on which he was lounging in front of the telly yesterday:  "Can you get Daddy to order me a pizza please?"

2. Rory at playgroup during singing time, when asked what Old MacDonald has on his farm: "Burgers."

3. Rory at playgroup during singing time after I laughed off the above incident while the mum who only feeds her child wholefoods (there's always one) looked at me in horror and asked him what Old MacDonald REALLY has on his farm:  "Chicken nuggets.  And chips. And Coca Cola." *slurping sound*

So I was very pleased to hear the following from him when I picked up a cucumber and put it in our basket in Waitrose yesterday:  "YESSSSS!!! CUCUMBER!!!! I love cucumber, I LOVE IT.  YUM YUM IN MY TUM."

Oh yes, I felt smug as a smug thing as I walked past all the other parents.  "Yes, you love cucmber don't you - deeeeelicious", I said in my smuggest voice to add to the overall impression of smugdom.

There was a pause while Rory considered his reply.  Then this:

"Oh, wait.  not cucumber. I don't love cucumber. What's that other thing?  Ummmm....ummmm....CRISPS.  I love crisps."  

I should have pureed more spinach when he was a baby.  God I hate it when Karmel is right.


  1. Hahaha.
    Don't worry - they're ALL the same. Those "yummy mummies" who look like they've got it all together? They don't. I promise.

  2. Haha my two year old when asked what his favourite food is replies chocolate and crisps.

    And if you happen to go a past Mcdonalds, he points excitedly repeatedly shouting "dinner, dinner", quite embarrassing on a packed bus at 10am...he does eat quite a lot of healthy stuff, they never shout about that though do they!

  3. LOL! when L ask my 8yr old grandtwins where they want to go for tea [forget home cooking!] they say "well we always go to the pub so you can have your wine Grinny"! Just educating them for their future...

  4. Haha, this reminded me so much of my two year old who told staff at nursery that mummy burns all the dinner so we have to have pizza (it happened once!)

  5. Mine announced in his specially loud voice 'guess what we had for breakfast this morning? CRISPS!' at a very yummy Karmelly playgroup.

    Annoyingly he hadn't actually had crisps for breakfast. I think it was revenge for all the pureed spinach I made him eat...