Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Product Review: Fancy Dress Outfitters Wolverine Costume

I received an email from Fancy Dress Outfitters well before Christmas asking if Rory and I would like to review one of their costumes.  "Hell yes" was my response.  We love dressing up in this household, so any excuse is fine by me.

First, we had to choose a costume from their website.  Tricky.  If only Rory were a bit younger, I could have got away with getting him something like this and making him wear it to playgroup.

Alas, he has reached the stage of knowing his own mind, so this was out of the question.

However, on seeing the superhero costumes, his eyes lit up like catherine wheels, and we eventually chose Wolverine:

They sell a toddler version too, but as I'd been advised that the costumes come up slightly on the small side, I decided to order the one above in age 3-5 so it had lots of growing room.

The costume arrived the next day really well packaged, and the excitement was palpable.  Rory was flinging his clothes off before I'd even got it out of the packet.  Here he is modelling it.  He is doing his 'superhero face' apparently.

Thank the Lord that those claw things in the previous photo don't come with it; we'd all be bloodied and battered and quite possibly dead by now if they did.

Reviewing then had to draw to a halt for a few weeks as Rory was ill and not in the mood for playing superheroes, then I was ill and not in the mood for taking superhero 2 year olds out on secret missions.  Cut to a couple of days ago when we were both well enough to leave the house again.  Cue the music:

According to Rory, the Wolverine costume from Fancy Dress Outfitters makes you run faster*.

There he goes, pegging it down the middle of the road.  God, I'm a rubbish parent.

It also gives you the ability to JUMP IN PUDDLES WHILST LOOKING COOL*.

What's more, you will be able to balance precariously on a high wall whilst running away from Mummy*.  Skillz.

What it doesn't do is stop you from slipping on a drain cover and falling flat on your arse.  Fortunately, superheroes are easily healed by a kiss and a cuddle from their mums.

Rory was in his own happy world of secret missions the entire time.  He didn't stop grinning once (unless it was to do his superhero pout), and a highlight was when he shot MAGIC POWERS out of his hands with a "PSHOOOO" noise at some men who were out walking their dog, cue 3 grown men and a toddler playing X-Men on the roadside at 11am on a rainy January morning.

As with all the best adventures, it ended with being covered in mud which gave me the chance to test the costume for washability, with top results.  I'd definitely recommend these costumes to anyone who has a bit of Christmas money to spend for their child.  Lets be honest though - it was always going to be a good review.  As my friend Nick said, "what's not to like about a Wolverine costume?"

*May or may not be true.

Disclaimer: I do not work for Fancy Dress Outfitters, nor have I been paid for this review.


  1. I'm with Rory - I'm sure they make you run faster, they definitely make you look cool!

  2. That first picture of him and his superhero face is adorable! Looks like he had a great outing!:)


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