Monday, 28 November 2011

November Photo Scavenger Hunt (Domestic Disgrace Style)

I have lots of friends who like making stuff.  They have beautiful, inspiring blogs packed full of creativity and glorious photographs and tutorials.  Kirst at The Leopard Anchor (one of said lovely blogs) hosts a monthly crafty photo scavenger hunt.  Everyone takes photographs related to a list of words and subjects that she comes up with and she then links to all the participating blogs so that everyone can share in the inspirational beauty that they have captured that month.

Then I decided to join in.  Yeah.  Brace yourself:

1. Inspiration
Our little back garden backs on to a woodland path.  It's really quite beautiful and the view of the late autumn leaves on the trees turning from yellow to orange to red-brown has genuinely inspired me this month, so I decided to take a photo of it for this category.  Balls though.  All the bloody leaves fell off somewhere between the last time I looked out of the window and now.  But can still see an autumnal orange glow can't you?  Yes you can.  It's a horrid orange brick new build estate that sprang up at some point over the summer where once there were rolling fields.  More insipid than inspirational.  Get out of my view.

2. Something I Made
Ooh, I have a valid entry for this one!  I made Rory these PJ bottoms this month from some bargain fabric that I picked up.  He is most impressed with them.  "Look at my funky whales" he says, waving a pyjama clad leg at the postman.  (Who taught him the word 'funky'? It was clearly not me).  It's good that he likes them because I have so much 'funky whale' material left that he'll be wearing homemade whale pyjamas every year until he goes to university at this rate.  Here he is modelling them.  The expression on his face clearly says "do one mother, I am very busy with my stormtroopers and want no part in your latest ridiculous venture".

3. Stripes
My attempt to scale the ironing mountain this morning was scuppered by half the cast of Star Wars congregating on the ironing board.  Notable here are Luke Skywalker and Han Solo engaged in a homo-erotic dry humping frenzy.  That sea killer thing can stay there for good; minutes before I took the photo it was going "RAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH" a lot and biting my leg. I had to break off from ironing my stripy top after a particularly vicious attack which caused me to lose focus and nearly scorch an ewok.

4. Comfort
A nice selection of uppers and downers. I have abandoned my beloved gin for something slightly more festive. It's nearly Christmas, after all.

5. Texture
My newly wrecked bathroom nicely demonstrates a pleasing array of textures.  The Aldi bathroom wipes set this off to perfection.

Click here if you would like to join in with the Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt next month (and to see some actual lovely photos on some nice blogs that don't have pictures of dead flies on cupcakes as their banners).

Please note that this month it is being hosted by Emma over at The Gift Shed.


  1. Brilliant entry Lisa, I love your sense of humour! Thanks for playing along, I'll be guest hosting again in December if you fancy it again :)

  2. Great photo's! I really enjoyed reading made me smile and laugh ( I love you humour). The whale pj's are very funky!

  3. Wahahahah!!!!!!!!!!! hang on... Wahahahahhaah!! love the funky whales x

  4. I want funky whale pjs for Ethan! No, seriously, I do and would pay you! They are fab! I am most impressed with your ironing efforts. I only iron Pete's work shirts... Nothing else!

  5. Alex, send me a pair of fairly baggy trousers or PJ bottoms that fit him well in the post so I can use them as a template and I'll make him some and send them back with the original trousers. I have SO much whale fabric.