Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Things To Do With Your Child #10: Bubble Pictures

Who made these 30 years ago?  (or 20 years ago, for those of you who are less decrepit than me).  I remember doing this activity at nursery when I was 3 years old and it's still as awe and wonder inspiring now as it was back in the day.

You Will Need:
Thick paper
Poster Paint (ready mixed or powdered)
Washing Up Liquid
Plastic cups

Risk Assessment:
Please ensure that your child knows the difference between blowing and sucking before attempting this activity.  And even if they do know the difference, how sure are you that they won't drink the paint and washing up liquid mixture?  Rate your certainty out of ten, then halve it and deduct 5 smug points, because we all know that complacency in parenting comes back ten fold IN YOUR FACE.

In plastic cups, mix some paint, some water and some washing up liquid.  No, I don't know how much of each you'll need.  Be serious.  Just wing it.

Place straws in cups and instruct child to blow.  No, blow.  BLOW!  BLOW, YOU SIMPLETON, NOT SUCK.  Oh for the love of Mike, have a glass of water and stop retching.

This will happen:

Then this:


Now grab your sheet of paper and plonk it on top of the bubbles.  

Congratulations; you have spawned an artistic genius.

Now continue in this vein until you start to twitch about the state of the furniture.



* If you add lots of white paint to the mix, you get pretty pastels that show up on black paper.

* You could choose colours that complement the colours scheme in your child's room and frame a couple of the pictures for their walls.  They could even bubble print directly onto a small canvas if you can trust them not to balls it up.


  1. I have studied the cushion on your sofa, and I can't see any fossilised Petit Filous on it, or even a small flake of poo!! Are you sure you're a domestic disgrace? Hmm...

    PS Just nominated you for that Liebster Blog awawrd thingummyjig that's doing the rounds. Love your blog.

  2. I've been thinking about doing this actually, I have many memories of doing this when I was little! PS loving the cover on your sofa in the background! Niiiiiiice! X

  3. Ah, now that's a new cushion cover (as is the sofa cover) as we've just decorated. you should have seen the state of the previous ones. lets just say that they were only fit for the bin.

  4. I'm wondering if I'm brave enough to do this. Isabel will probably be fine (although that may come back to bite me) but Alex? Is milk good if they've drunk soap?

  5. Sorry, I have to comment again to let you know that the word I had to type for my post verification thingummy was 'shame'. Thought you'd appreciate that.

  6. 'Shame' most appropriate. as for Alex, let him drink it. Important life lesson there.

  7. One of my most vivid memory of being at nursery is doing this.

    I sucked.

    in conclusion, bright blue poster paint tastes vile

  8. I remember doing this as a kid...It mainly consisted of me sucking in a mouthful of the stuck and spitting a rainbow fountain, greatly impressing my classmates.
    Looking back, I was always a lost cause...