Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Things To Do With Your Child #1: Making Ice Lollies

I thought I’d do a series of things to do with your small child for two reasons.  The first is to share ideas and the second is to try and ensure that we spend as much time not watching Numberjacks on the sofa as possible.  Being an ex teacher, I will be providing you with a risk assessment for each activity.


You will need:
Lolly moulds

Some form of flavoured liquid (milk or fruit juice if you’re feeling optimistic, luridly coloured squash if you’re being realistic, gin if you’re feeling particularly desperate. We used apple juice for extra smugness, but please don’t judge me. It’s only the start of the week.  Last Friday I was sucking on the wine ice-cubes that I’d frozen to use in casseroles by 4pm).

Fruit, again, only if you’re feeling very self satisfied today. We used blueberries and I cut them up because I had a sudden horror image of Rory choking on a frozen blueberry.  I fully expect him to eat the lolly and spit the blueberries out, leaving them abandoned like little fly corpses around the house.  Not that that will make much difference to the usual state of the house, what with all the ants.

Risk assessment:
Likelihood of the kitchen being awash with apple juice: High.

Potential for small child to get over excited and fall off the chair he’s standing on to reach the worktop: Medium.

Amount of time it wastes in the otherwise never ending day:
About 10 minutes: Poor.

Chop up your fruit before standing child on the chair to avoid any stabby incidents and associated trips to A&E.

Divide fruit between the lolly moulds, then top up with apple juice (or whatever).

Stick in freezer.

Eat when frozen.

In retrospect, this really didn’t take up much time at all, and I had an over excited toddler nagging me for ice lollies every 10 minutes for the next 5 hours, but he seemed very interested all the same and told Daddy all about it when he came home, so probably a valuable learning experience or something.


  1. Saw some very exciting lolly moulds in WElls yesterday when we were there and was going to get them as a present for you all. However are you all lolly mould-ed out now?


  2. Loving the blog Lise!! Now if only I could get people as interested in my ramblings (though I feel yours are more interesting!!). Looking forward to more! x

  3. You even got me making ice lollies. Hubby suggested I make them with vodka! I know that won't freeze well though so settled for elderflower and lemon fizzy water in them instead. Also made some with white chocolate and raspberry milk from Sainsburys. not tried those ones yet. Got some fabby twist up lolly moulds from Lakeland. They have caps on so doesn't matter if they fall over in the freezer during the freezing process.

  4. My mum bought me some rocket shaped ice lolly moulds last week, which was ever so exciting. It's an ice lolly frenzy in this house at the moment.